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As your trusted advisor in turbulent times, we understand that family-related legal issues are stressful. You are here because you don’t know where to start, what questions to ask, or who to trust. At Laufers Legal Services, we provide an empathetic ear to your unique problem. We can help settle the case or try the case or even appeal your judgment if necessary. We will listen and create a legal plan unique to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The actual service of the Summons and Petition does not require a party to leave the house. A party can be required to leave upon a court order or agreement of the parties. Leaving the house without a plan can put you at a disadvantage during the divorce. It is always advisable to contact Laufers Legal Services at the commencement of any divorce to come up with a plan that is best for your family.

Depending on the type of family law appeal as the deadlines vary based upon the type of appeal, you have limited time to appeal a family law judgment. If you miss the deadline, you lose the right to appeal and the judgment cannot be reviewed by the Court of Appeals. It is extremely important that you see an attorney to review your judgment immediately so you do not give up your rights to an appeal.

You must leave the house or residence and under no circumstances should you have contact- either directly or through a third party with the person who obtained the order against you. If you do have contact in violation of an order you can be charged with a crime. Your first step should be to set- up a consultation with Laufers Legal Services to determine how we can best protect you.

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Legal issues that you are facing can feel overwhelming. We will clarify your next steps and give you a place to start to get your life back on track.